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Quran for Beginners

Learn Quran Online for beginners has now become very popular and easy for those who have not been able to learn the Holy Quran for any reason at any stage of life. Kids, adults, and even people at an older age can start online Quran classes for beginners. You will be given very good and tolerant teachers who will guide you through the basics of learning the Quran online for beginners.

The first step will be starting with alphabets and sounds of them. There are 29 alphabets and all have a specific point of articulation. These articulation points are explained by the teacher and you get good practice of it live with the teacher. Then the changing shapes of letters while joining to make words are taught.

The second step is to make words using the alphabet. These words are made using some signs which are called Harakat. These will make you pronounce a word and utter it properly. It is very easy to make words with the help of these signs.

The third step is to make verses with the help of these words. It takes a few months to work on the exercises of Quran words in the basic book of Qaidah or Quran Foundation course. This will lead you slow by slow to be able to read with Tajweed In-Shaa-Allah. The TarteeleQuran team will be available to support you and your kids by taking tests and making sure of the quality of classes.

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